Valentin Bud wrote:
Thanks everybody for the heads up. I don't know (yet) which path i am going
to take. I know a little bit of perl so i guess i'll start reading on how
can i accomplish my goal with perl.

I've been programming for a very long time, and I can tell you that both Perl and C/C++ have done me very well.

The centre of gravity keeps shifting in software, but most of the scripting languages, and the libraries they depend on, are written in C. Installing most packages from scratch usually depends on having a C compiler around and knowing how to use it. The fundamental system interfaces in all forms of Unix are written in and for C. There are always jobs out there requiring knowledge of C, especially in embedded programming.

I would suggest that you can't go wrong taking the C path, and you would probably do well trying it in Perl too.


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