Steve Bertrand <> writes:

> To copy data from one server, I normally (always) use scp.
> I'm looking for a method to perform this copy task without the overhead
> of encryption for infrequent, high-volume transfers (hundreds to
> thousands of GB).
> The data will be transferred server-to-server within a private datacentre.
> Can someone recommend a *known good* production quality copy mechanism
> that will act like scp, but without the overhead? rsh? nc?
> I recall a thread not too long ago regarding this, but I'd like to have
> a simple working example if possible, without getting into detail why
> one shouldn't transfer data unencrypted.

I haven't hit a case in years where the encryption overhead was actually
measurable as a significant issue.  Still, anything you can do over ssh
can be done just as well over rsh.  There's always rcp if you want the
same syntax as scp, but if the data consists of a lot of different
files, using tar on both ends of a pipe will probably be much faster.

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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