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makefile <makef...@yeah.net> wrote:

> Every time I run "make fetch-recursive",it fetched all the dependence
> packages.Not only the package I need to compile. For example,in
> the /usr/ports/x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel,I run "make
> fetch-recursive",it will download glib,but I alreaday have glib
> installed.Is there another command can solve my problem?

Then leave off the "-recursive part", although actually the targets you
really need are checksum[-recursive] not  fetch[-recursive].

It's good practice to leave the files in the distfile directory and
clean it with portsclean -D, then you don't have to download them
again. Ports often need to be rebuilt with the same distfile.

> I installed gnome2-lite,but I don't think it is small enough.I don't
> need "file-roller","epiphany","totem"...How should I do?Gnome2-lite
> depend on them.

gnome2-lite is just a metaport, so you could just delete it and install
just the ports you want. 
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