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> FreeBSD is _not_ linux ;)

You're right. A german computer magazine wrote that
FreeBSD is the better Linux. :-)

> > on my PC.  But it starts in DOS Mode.
> aka "Console" mode.

There is no "DOS mode" in FreeBSD. "Console mode" is
correct, as well as "text mode" or even "terminal mode"
(last one not used very often).

> Once you log in, (use your login name and password), and assuming you
> installed some graphical environment, try to type:
> startx

Or follow the handbook according to how to install KDE
or Gnome which provide the usual means for a full-featured
graphical environment.

(At this point, I can really recommend reading FreeBSD's
excellent documentation in the handbook and in its FAQ,
to be found on the main web site.)

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