howdy, y'all ---

so, i was looking over the offerings of the on_line retailing "usual suspects",
  when i got to thinking:

  q:  to what extent does freebsd cache recently_used hard_drive files ?

  q:  under freebsd, to what extent are
        hard_drive internal_caches and their sizes [ e. g., 2mb, 8mb, 16mb ]
        important ?

i am not so much looking for a history_ and theory_of_operation as
  i am looking for a "yes/no" to the question:

  q:  should i pay up for hd_cache, if the other hd parameters are the same ?

something else that i just thought up while typing this:

  q:  are hd internal_caches non_volatile ?

id est,

  q:  do the cache contents survive a power_cycle ?

[ some supplementary "fyi"s:

    yes, i am aware that
      hd access_times are a relative "eternity" to a chip_set's hd_port.

    i am not thinking about ram_size and swap_size and "thrashing";
      all of my boxen have plenty of ram.

    i know i have to read it in the first time.
    rather, i am thinking about opening and reading
      some file that i recently wrote and closed.

in advance, i thank you.
please cc.


ps --- remember, slavery sucks; so, have a happy pesach.

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