> Subject: Hooking 2 Networks
> I have two separate connections to the Internet with static
> IPs and two separate networks. Each network has an internal
> FBSD Gateway/NAT/caching DNS connected to the backbone & 
> each have a separate LAN subnet (192.168.0.x on one and
> 10.0.0.x on another). The default router for each LAN is
> its internal Gateway machine, so they know which GW to use
> to get out to the Net. Each also operates web & mail
> servers. Each have their own switches from the Gateway
> machine cabled to the servers/workstations.

This is possible and easy, it will however become a problem
if your machines are getting thier ip addresses via DHCP.
There may be a better way. (see below)

You may find it more conveinient to attach one box to both
networks. The most simple solution would be to attach both
gateways to both networks. But dont attach the networks
together. Doing it this way avoids cable usage, and ethernet
broadcasts dont have to be advertized on both networks.
You also will not have to worry about setting up a specific
routes on each client. And because both routers will have
addresses on both networks they will auto-forward packets
between the two networks.

The following is my idea of what your network looks like

{}--[freebsd gateway]--{internet conn1}
(}--[freebsd gateway]--{internet conn2}

And what you want to do would be the following:

{}--[freebsd-gateway]--{internet conn1}
{}--[freebsd gateway]---{internet conn2}

This will simplify the number of hops between the boxes
and you will get much higher speeds. And if you attach
the two FreeBSD boxes to both networks, you can still
safely use DHCP for providing IP addresses to the

> I would like to hook the two networks together via the
> switches & I assUme I do this by running a cable from 
> the one switch to the uplink on the other....???
> Is my assumption correct?
Yes, this will work, but you may want to simply attach
both gateways to the two networks.

> I would like to have all machines have direct & fast
> access via the internal NW cables for NFS access.
Attaching both unix boxes to both networks will solve
this for you.

> As simple as this sounds, I have not found anything
> anywhere about hooking 2 networks together and if 
> there is any problems. Guess I could just hook up 
> and try it, but rather double-check with some one
> who has a similar setup -- or point me to a URL
> (I've googled, visited the networking and router sites
> - none talk about directly hooking 2 NWs).
> Appreciate any replies..... thanks!
No problem, let us know if you wish to continue this.
Lots of people on this list can provide good advise.
(better than me in many cases)

> Best regards,
> Jack L. Stone,
> Administrator
> SageOne Net
> http://www.sage-one.net

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