Eray Aslan wrote:
On Thu, Apr 09, 2009 at 09:41:31AM +0200, Pieter Donche wrote:
I have a mount_nfs process that refuses to get killed :
# ps -jaxw | grep mount
root 60342 1 60289 60289 0 D ?? 0:00.00 mount_nfs
How to I get this process killed?

reboot.  You can't kill a process with a D flag.  Google for
uninterruptible sleep

There is a rare exception that doesn't always work. But you can find processes that have locked onto that mount point and kill those. Then try unmounting or killing that NFS mount.

Get lsof in /usr/ports/sysutils/lsof and see what's keeping that mount point open. Then kill those processes.

But again, this may not work. The only way to release processes marked with a D flag is to reboot.

-- Jacques Manukyan

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