Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Jacques Manukyan <mlfree...@streamingedge.com> writes:
Frederique Rijsdijk wrote:

Is there a way in FreeBSD to combine a number of network interfaces to
one virtual interface on which I can tcpdump all the traffic of those
interfaces at once?
You're talking about bridging. Look at

Section is what you're asking for.

I don't think he wants to forward the traffic between those interfaces,
though; just dump them all together.  I'm not sure, though.

You're right.

If I'm right, I don't think tcpdump can do that directly.  One idea
might be to run a firewall to choose the packets and to forward a copy
to a dummy interface that can be monitored.

It might be an idea. Somehow I think it should be possible in a more simple way. Now reading 'man 4 lagg'...

-- Frederique
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