At 01:13 PM 3.1.2003 -0800, Aaron Burke wrote:
>> Each machine has static internal IPs and listed in the 
>> /etc/hosts so finding them is easy.
>You dont have to worry about this. It should be fine that
>they are in hosts.
>> >{}--[freebsd-gateway]--{internet conn1}
>> >                    (link)  
>> >{}--[freebsd gateway]---{internet conn2}
>> >
>> How did you "link" the two machines....? I have 2 NICs
>> in each box - 1 for external and 1 for internal.
>In my case I just an other ethernet card. 
>Which would bring the total number of network cards to 3
>instead of 2. This unfortunatly means that (with this
>plan) you would need an other network connection between
>the two machines.
>Assume the following:
>FreeBSD Machine on
><ethernet> to
><ethernet> to FreeBSD Machine
><internet connection>
>FreeBSD Machine on
><ethernet> to
><ethernet> to FreeBSD Machine
><internet connection>
>And you can buypass a hub/switch by using a 
>cross-over cable. A cross over cable is simply
>an ethernet cable that maps outbound (TX & RX)
>to incomming (RX & TX).
>> Just have those two questions above inline..... thanks again.
>Well, I seem to have answered at least one, whats the
>other question?
No, this answers my questions. The need for the 3rd NIC was what I really
wanted to confirm. And, your "cross-over" cable makes sense to bypass a
need for switch or hub. I like this.

Thanks for the help....

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net

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