gahn wrote:
Hi all:

I have a machine with 2GB memory. in the file loader.conf, there is a line:

#hw.physmem="1G"                # Limit physical memory. See loader(8)

Could I remove the "#" and change that to "2G"?

Yes, but, would it make a difference?

Interestingly, the sysctl indicates the parameter of "hw.physmem" is not 

It is changeable before the system boots (during the 'loader' stage),
but not changeable later.  The question is, what's it currently
set to? The comment means that the line in question *isn't* a physical memory limit ... what's the current setting of hw.physmem,
and why would you *want* to limit it?

On my systems, both 7x and 6x, hw.physmem is something like 4G
by default---despite the fact I've nothing like that amount of
RAM onboard.

Any guru here give me some enlightenment?

IANAE, but am willing to accept correction.

Kevin Kinsey
When a person goes on a diet, the first thing he loses is his temper.

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