Michal <m...@infosec.pl> wrote:
> Could you suggest me how can I get my disk usage statistics in terms of
> percentage of the possible disk activity (like in gstat) or megabytes
> per second (like in iostat), please?
> I need something that gives actual usage statistics, not any averages.
> And something that prints what I want and quits (not like gstat in
> default mode). It have to be available for unprivileged user and I don't
> want to use any temporally files in the process.
> The closest I can get is (last column of):
> iostat -c 2 -d ad0 | tail -n 1
> Problem is that it takes two seconds, which is not acceptable for me
> because I want it's output to be printed in status bar beside date and 
> time. I'm using wmii window manager.
> Any suggestions and hints are very welcome.

snmp?  There's a command line client for net-snmp, and there are a
variety of disk activity MIBs.

Bill Moran
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