Glen Barber wrote:

Thanks again for taking the time for this.


The site does not yet contain any other pages or info, as Glen is still
working on the web content.

Please send us your feedback (including problems, suggestions and
success stories!) either on the list or directly.  If this proves to be
successful, we could also build and host other packages as well.

Any problems with the site, please contact me so I can notify my
hosting provider, as I don't have physical access to the server.


Hi guys,

When you have a minute please would you have a look at a proposal for changes to the packages system I posted which is kind of a ports equivalent of freebsd-update involving a 'ports-snapshot'.

The original post is here

A more detailed description is here

And other peoples comments in between.

It's going a bit parallel to the discussion here and in fact you have already offered some of the requirements,ie hosting

Would you be interested in incorporating the idea into what you are doing? I could at least do some building of packages.

One of the requirements is a new package management tool which I've called ports-update. Does anyone here have C or scripting skills who would be interested to write it? I'm sorry to ask, I know the FreeBSD way is to do it yourself, but I don't have programming skills. I could probably knock up a framework to start from though.

If you are prepared to host a bunch of packages it would be interesting to ask people to give us a list of their installed packages to create a master list.



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