Hi, Chris.

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 8:29 PM, Chris Whitehouse <cwhi...@onetel.com> wrote:
> When you have a minute please would you have a look at a proposal for
> changes to the packages system I posted which is kind of a ports equivalent
> of freebsd-update involving a 'ports-snapshot'.


I actually have been watching that thread.  I am intrigued by what you
are trying to do, but I think it's veering into the "difficult to
maintain" territory.

> It's going a bit parallel to the discussion here and in fact you have
> already offered some of the requirements,ie hosting
> Would you be interested in incorporating the idea into what you are doing? I
> could at least do some building of packages.

What specifically do you have in mind?  A "side project" to the
FreeBSD pkg_add(1) tool or a separate collection of the Makefiles for
the ports tree?

> One of the requirements is a new package management tool which I've called
> ports-update. Does anyone here have C or scripting skills who would be
> interested to write it? I'm sorry to ask, I know the FreeBSD way is to do it
> yourself, but I don't have programming skills. I could probably knock up a
> framework to start from though.

I have (very little) C skills -- I'm an OOP guy.  I have less skill
with shell scripting.  Either way, between ${REAL_JOB} and
${UNIVERSITY}, my "free time" is ... well... usually, not free.

> If you are prepared to host a bunch of packages it would be interesting to
> ask people to give us a list of their installed packages to create a master
> list.

I'm more than happy to create space for this type of project, but keep
in mind -- the pkg_add(1) tool will grab binary builds of software
from the ports tree that is usually built with default options.  What
about that one user that wants -DNO_NETHACK for sysutils/screen, or
the user (me) that has no need for IPv6 options enabled for most
things?  This seems like an exact mirror of pkg_add(1) in how it
works, and IMHO would be impossible to keep a current (let alone
versioned) collection of packages with every possible compile-time

Of course, unless I am misunderstanding your intentions.

Glen Barber
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