Hi Jerry,

I think I would give some credence to the stated requirements on the

The reason I raised the point was I know of people using D15XX (but where XX < 80) with hplip versions well below 2.8.5, and HP now claims 2.8.5 to be the minimum for those printers too, as well as for a whole lot of printers which are known to work with hplip versions less than 2.8.5. If I am not mistaken, the hplip site blindly states 2.8.5 as the minimum requirement for all printers of this class. Maybe this is just a convenient way of doing things for HP rather than figuring out each printer's actual minimum requirement.

In any case, did you contact the port maintainer about updating
the port. If if doesn't get done before the port freeze, you will
probably be screwed.
Sure I did. Although the response was not was particularly thrilling :
I am not sure when I'm going to get around to doing an update. If you want to take a stab at an update I'll be happy to review any patches, but you will probably need the newer version to get things working.
-- Anish Mistry amis...@am-productions.biz

My previous mail to freebsd-questions was marked as To by mistake. It was only intended to be a CC. Sorry.

If you reply, please CC me separately. It makes it so much easier for me to reply, if needed. BTW, I have never used hplip/CUPS before. I do hope it's not terribly complex to setup and go.

Thank you and Regards
Manish Jain

NB : Laast year I kudn't spell Software Engineer. Now I are won.

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