Chris Rees wrote:
2009/4/11 Jan Henrik Sylvester <>:
Yuri wrote:
I need to format NTFS partition to give HD to someone to write things
mkntfs from sysutils/ntfsprogs should do it.

Yuri had already written ONE LINE below your quote:

I tried to use mkntfs from ports/ntfsprogs but it didn't finish after an extremely 
long time, > 24hrs.

Yes, sorry, I totally failed to make my point, since I scrapped that line and forgot about it writing the mail. (The important part was in the parenthesis you removed.)

My point is that I had problems with ntfsresize from ntfsprogs-2.0.0 not working, while ntfsresize from ntfsprogs-1.13.1 was doing just fine. (I hit that twice -- on different computers.)

Thus, I would suggest to try mkntfs from ntfsprogs-1.13.1, if mkntfs from ntfsprogs-2.0.0 fails.

If the older mkntfs works, it would be another reason to revive the old port.

ntfsprogs-2.0.0 was criticized, for example in the thread ending with this posting:

A developer from ntfs-3g that formerly worked on ntfsprogs recommends to use the older version:

I do not really know who is right, but ntfs-3g is actively developed while ntfsprogs is not, other people seem to trust ntfs-3g more than the newer version of ntfsprogs, and the arguments of the ntfs-3g developer sound reasonable.

I wrote about it last year (before I actually hit problems):

The reply was that there are no new problems known with the 2.0.0 version:

I would like to have ntfsprogs-1.13.1 back -- as ports/ntfsprogs1 or by reverting ports/ntfsprogs. Thus, Yuri, please try and report back.

Jan Henrik
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