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> I just use the default setting from Pidgin. I don't know what is
> the kind of sound though I guess that's *.wav.

For WAV files, the play command from the port audio/sox is fine.
I think it's a bit "heavy" to employ mplayer for this simple job.

> When I press "Browse" in Pidgin Configuration Page for Sound I
> don't get the right place of default sound file. Pidgin may use
> files from GTK collection.

If you want to find this out, just check the configuration files
of Pidgin and grep for "wav" or "mp3", you'll find where the files
come from.

> When I use Arch Linux I can use "play %s" but "play" isnot installed
> as default on FreeBSD.

Of course not, it doesn't belong to the operating system. :-)
You can simply "pkg_add -r sox" to get this program.

> I install `mpg123` but I still get small sound.

The sound volume doesn't depend on the player. If the files
are "weak", it may be useful to increase their audio level.

> I see. I often use vol == 90 and pcm == 75.

And you're sure that the audio isn't loud enough everywhere?
Maybe the output level of your sound card - or nowadays a
built-in sound card emulation through the CPU :-) - hasn't
enough power for your speakers. (I don't have such trouble,
I use a system with a separate amplifier.)

> > Do other applications (music and movie player, games etc.) play
> > louder sounds?
> > 
> The music and others sounds are normal.

So it really seems to be that

        a) Pidgin uses strange mixer settings on its own

        b) the files that Pidgin plays are too "weak" in
           terms of audio level.

> Thank you. I've learned from your message that I should use
> "louder" for sound instead of "bigger". Still find "smaller"
> sound :D

This is because the price of the mainboard is less expensive
while the CPU temperature is hot. :-)

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