I give in.

/usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.6/pkgdb.rb:310:in `deorigin': failed to
convert nil into String (Pkg DB::DBError)

After most of two days trying to understand portupgrade, RTFM, and advice
given on this list, I give in.

Trying to upgrade KDE .. totally hopeless.
"arts" won't build...therefore kdelibs won't build.

The last straw was the above error message.
I presume it means something to somebody.

Well, I know it is a wonderful tool.
But I have given up on it.
I am unable to re-instate the status quo with KDE via FTP, since
No FTP server understands 4.8-PRERELEASE.

Setting the release option as "any" does nothing worthwhile.
And as for the recursive -R/r options.. they seem to be working on their
own agenda. It was actually quite easy to upgrade X, by just doing it
through the "normal" ports mechnism. Portupgrade made it into a pig's

And why on earth is portupgrade arts, looking for things in
/usr/local/lib/.libs ?


I was my belief that the ports were independent from the release.
This is not the case. Why is there a 4.8-PRERELEASE ports section ?

I followed all the bouncing balls. But they have defeated me.

I was trying to update X11/KDE. Not a chance.

I think, that if a port reflects a new version of something so massive
as X/KDE/Gnome, it should not be let loose until a binary package update
is available for it.

My understanding may be wrong. But I accept the 'cutting' edge aspect of
tracking Stable as regards the base system..which actually is in my
experience almost *never* a problem. But tracking ports is a very
hazhardous task, especially with meta-ports.

I really think some clarification is needed on this.

And why Ruby ? Why on earth is something like a fundamental tool written in
a language whose widespread use is noticeable by it's absence.

I really have read the documents, and read the mailing list advice.

Ah well...no flames please. Sound advice, slaps on the wrist..fine.
But it has got me beat..


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