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Hello oh great sages,
Thanks so much for your past help. Of course, I have
another quetion. I've got X up and run Kdesk - coool.
However, the browser -I haven't configured - debating
on netscape. That brings me to install or not?
The bsd ports site mentions that mozilla is
comparatively large and that bsd\netscape 4.x has a
security hole and the modules for linux.7x may be
OVERLAYS IT MIGHT PRODUCE. So I thought I'd ask what
you think? I use bsd to emerse myself in a mixed
network and will ultimately use it as a backend
router/dns/mail server. Browsing would just be cool. I
guess what as a novice Iam asking is could I risk
netscape 4.x (would it compile and install for the
CDROM or do I risk linux? Nothing earthshaking.
Thanks. Oh, Do you think I should submit my config for
the XServer using IMB and a Micron monitor?

Mozilla-devel from ports installed for me without incident. I also note there are nightly builds (binaries) available for FreeBSD "4.7" (which presumably includes 4.8-prerelease) at Mozilla's ftp site. I imagine whatever's good in NS will show up much sooner in Moz. Phoenix (also in ports) has a reputation as a more lightweight version of Moz, preferable to some people whose opinions I respect.

All that having been said, I am a long time Opera user and vastly prefer it to IE, NS, or Moz (which I installed on FreeBSD mainly to compare with Opera). If you have Linux emulation working, you can download and install the Linux version from Opera Software. I'm trying the Opera 7 Preview, and while it's lacking some features of the Windows final version, it's still very nice. Better user interface and fonts than Moz. Its mail and newsreader, M2, outperforms Sylpheed on my system in speed of fetching IMAP mail, though Sylpheed's UI is more mature and complete at this point.


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