Karl Vogel wrote:
On Fri, 10 Apr 2009 14:31:06 -0500, Adam Vandemore <amvandem...@gmail.com> said:

A> How do you handle major builds that use FBSD specific patches....
A> asterisk for example?

   Fortunately I haven't had to build asterisk or anything else that large.
   If I did, I'd probably try building under Solaris first, and when
   installing under FBSD, I'd examine any patches and put them in by hand.

   My only experience with a major ports build was attempting to upgrade
   Firefox; 20 minutes after starting, I was left with a literally
   unbootable system.  I had to yank the drive, give it to a buddy to
   verify that my files were still present, do a complete installation
   with a more recent FBSD version on a clean drive, and restore my stuff
   from the original system.

   I'm perfectly willing to admit that I botched something in the Firefox
   upgrade, but I've also run into problems installing anything that remotely
   depends on perl.  I use the same version on all my servers, and I got
   tired of seeing "unable to find perl-5.8.whatever"; configure scripts
   test for capability rather than version number to avoid this problem.
   Some of my servers are not allowed to have any network access, which
   means no chasing dependencies; I put in a CD with some source and run
   a build script.

A shot in dark at the problem is upgrading firefox also upgraded perl from 5.8.8 to 5.8.9(possibility w/ threaded perl). If some other of your apps expected perl 5.8.8 on boot and didn't find then that could cause an issue similar to your description. Since perl is such a huge part of the ports collection, when perl is updated, all of it's dependencies should be rebuilt against the new version. That's relatively easy to accomplish using something like portupgrade or portmaster. I've had to take steps like you describe before, but I try to keep the things I maintain separately to an absolute minimum as in addition to the time consumption aspect of it, I tend to forget things which then blow in my face so I find it easier to use more conventional means. Also a good idea to keep on top of /usr/ports/UPDATING as well which will give you a heads up on such a thing. The entry referencing the perl upgrade:

 AFFECTS: users of lang/perl5.8
 AUTHOR: s...@freebsd.org

 lang/perl5.8 has been updated to 5.8.9. You should update everything
 depending on perl. The easiest way to do that is to use
 perl-after-upgrade script supplied with lang/perl5.8. Please see
 its manual page for details.

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