I wrote:

>after the latest crash of 5.0-p2/i386, my /etc/passwd and
>/etc/master.passwd are trashed (I used chsh just before the crash).
>My user line is missing in passwd, and the master.passwd file is
>just binary garbage.  pwd.db and spwd.db however seem to be ok.
>How can I recover the text files from the databases?
>pwd_mkdb(8) talks about creating a v7 style passwd file via the
>-p option but I don't know what to pass as file argument, if I
>do pwd_mkdb -p /etc/pwd.db I get:

Following up my own mail, I found at least one solution in the
meantime; there was a proper backup of master.passwd in /var/backups;
and on that file pwd_mkdb worked.  The question remains, however,
what to do in the case when only the databases are left and all
textual files are trashed.  Surely there must be a way to create
the text files from the db?

Matthias Buelow

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