--- Ronald Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Permissions. Start there by issuing the command chmod -R 0600
> <your-ssh-dir>. 

i've done this.

> Also, how is your key pasted into authorized_keys2? If you did the key
> block, I have had some trouble in the past getting that to work. So take
> the
> public key string from puttygen and paste it or cat it into the
> authorized_keys2 and try again.

i saved it directly using puttygen's saving feature... and i tried cutting
and pasting.  still no luck.
> If worse comes to worse, kill the sshd service and manually restart it
> with
> the -d option and watch the screen on the FreeBSD box while you try to
> come
> in. It will usually spell out the problem. 

i did this as well... but the output is too cryptic fo me to figure out. 
you mind taking a look at the output?

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