I get this behavior on 2 completely different laptops, one on
7.0-release, and the other on 7-stable.  ndio0 [broadcom :( ] comes
right up in dmesg, and ifconfig(), but it won't find any AP's - is
this known? - because I can google people with lots of different ndis0
problems (mostly on 5.x and 6.x), but not this particular one...I seem
some warning about not supporting AP's in the handbook for ndis, but
it seems to be under the 'build your own AP from freebsd and a nic
section', so I'm hoping it doesn't apply, cause my shiny new lenovo
s10e has a really ugly looking broadcom slot, not minipci.  Must be
something new like micro pci, but at any rate, I would prefer not to
have to hack my bios to get it to boot with a non-broadcom nic in it
anyways.  ndisgen has always been an acceptable, if distasteful,
solution in past days.

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