Gary Kline wrote:
        is there any way t o not upgrade "all installed ports", but only
those that are not current?
        tired of having my main box grinding away for endless days....

This is what programs like portmaster and portupgrade are designed to
do.  If you update your ports tree by portsnap or csup, grab a fresh
INDEX by 'make fetchindex' and then run (eg):

  portupgrade -a

it will update in dependency order all of your installed ports where a
newer version is available.

There are occasional exceptions where this procedure is not sufficient:
these are documented in /usr/ports/UPDATING, including instructions on
what needs to be done to get up to date.  Even so, while UPDATING
frequently recommends reinstalling more ports than the regular procedure,
it is still almost always a subset of your installed ports.

In fact, the only situation I have come across where is is required to
upgrade all of the ports on a machine is when upgrading over a major
version number.  Even that is a bit overkill -- there's no reason to
reinstall a port that consists of pure perl or php or shell code, or of
sets of images or other non-executable data.



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