tethys ocean wrote:
> I am using  7.1-STABLE FreeBSD 7.1-STABLE #   on one of the my servers. This
> server was working properly for long time. Electricty is often break down
> and this server isnt behind UPS. Today I have found it as shutdown and than
> opened it but some servis/daemon hasn't work (such as mysql etc) I have done
> fschk etc. And than I want to update since it is working so so slow. Than I
> have update source tree and rebuild kernel and "make depend" has been
> passing well and than "make" state fail,  error log(stdout) is shown bellow.
> [r...@witch /usr/src/sys/i386/compile/WITCH]# make
> cc -c -O -pipe  -std=c99 -g -Wall -Wredundant-decls -Wnested-externs
> -Wstrict-prototypes  -Wmissing-prototypes -Wpointer-arith -Winline
> -Wcast-qual  -Wundef -Wno-pointer-sign -fformat-extensions -nostdinc  -I.
> -I../../.. -I../../../contrib/altq -D_KERNEL -DHAVE_KERNEL_OPTION_HEADERS
> -include opt_global.h -fno-common -finline-limit=8000 --param
> inline-unit-growth=100 --param large-function-growth=1000
> -mno-align-long-strings -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2  -mno-mmx -mno-3dnow
> -mno-sse -mno-sse2 -mno-sse3 -ffreestanding -Werror
> ../../../dev/ath/if_ath.c -I../../../dev/ath
> ../../../dev/ath/if_ath.c: In function 'ath_rx_tap':
> ../../../dev/ath/if_ath.c:3414: error: 'const struct ath_rx_status' has no
> member named 'rs_flags'
> ../../../dev/ath/if_ath.c:3416: error: 'const struct ath_rx_status' has no
> member named 'rs_flags'
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/src/sys/i386/compile/WITCH.
> I read some mail and paper about this error it is saying this is bug freebsd
> bug... but I got suspicious because I did so many times kernel
> rebuild+update source tree. It hasnt fail with this stdout. Why now?
> thank a lot

This is probably due to the changes in the atheros driver. You will have
to update your kernel configuration file. Please read /usr/src/UPDATING
and this thread:

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