I have what looks like a hardware problem with an Intel 1U server, which I am using mainly as a mysql database server for some of my bigger website clients.

The server went down last week with a badly corrupted file system.

After spending a day trying to fix the file system, we gave up and did a fresh install of FreeBSD, PF, and mysql, using our daily backups to restore the database. It all seemed to work fine until I switched the websites from the temporary database server that I had been using, onto the restored server.

The database ran well for about 2 minutes, then the server crashed again. The filesystem was again corrupted so badly that we could not even log in to look at the logs.

We've reinstalled FreeBSD again, just to be able to SSH into the box. It looks like there is probably a hardware problem, like a bad power supply or overheating CPU that fails when the load of the database is applied.

Problem is, I have no idea how to determine which bits are failing. Can anyone suggest a favorite book or website that focuses on how to troubleshoot hardware issues?

Thanks: John

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