Graeme Dargie wrote:

My grandmother had a HP that just died too.  My brother took the first stab
at it, describing it as a likely "DC-DC converter" problem, and I was seeing
indication of a bad seat on the CPU.  It was working just fine and for the
CPU to become unseated is not likely.  I tore that machine apart until I
couldn't figure out how to get the top or bottom plate off that surrounds
the motherboard.  I didn't fix it, but we all gave up and she went and
bought another system.

The DC-DC converter is what takes the 18V (or whatever) the mains/battery
supplies, and breaks it out into the 3.3V, 5V, 12V, etc needed to power all
the various components.

Someone pointed me to this service manual You might find one for yours on the HP site. I suspect something similar has happened to mine, I'm going to take it to a shop for advice, some of them will do component level fixes which is cheaper than a new motherboard.

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