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 If you missed out on my last 1,000% gain, no worries, I may have another one 
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 I have been writing to the investment community for the last ten years, during 
this time I have brought your attention to hundreds of companies and trades, 
most of them gave early investors a chance to profit at least 100% or more. I 
am a serious student of the market and have been looking at hundreds of 
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of the hundreds of companies I reviewed, I am excited to tell you I have found 
4 that I think will fit the bill. Only four, which is good because summer is 
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 Timing is Everything     
 GCHK is too cheap to pass up!    
 I believe, and so do others, that Greenchek Technology Inc GCHK could be at 
least 10 times undervalued right now and think readers should be picking this 
one up while it?s under $2.00 per share.  ( Analyst Victor Sula, Ph. D. picked  
GCHK to go to $3.42 in his report back in Sept.)    
 GCHK is a green company that developed a product that, if used everywhere, 
could significantly reduce Carbon emissions globally. This Company will bring 
back memories of huge gains that were made in recent years by making socially 
responsible investments in green companies that have unique products to offer 
the world.     
 Time and Time again the Government has created Sector rallies in specific 
industries and we think GCHK could be next.  When Governments and Investors are 
in synch the results can be staggering profits and all signs indicate that 
protecting the environment could become the next huge SECTOR bull market.      
 One day, Environmental technologies will be commonplace, like other 
technologies that we now take for granted, so it stands to reason that it will 
follow a similar development pattern as other technologies, like computers.    
 The field of computer science didn't even exist until the Department of 
Defense began pumping money into the unknown market of microchips. In fact, 
billionaire Larry Ellison's fortune and tech powerhouse Oracle all began with 
just a small contract from the Central Intelligence Agency. It's a deal that 
made Ellison and those folks who followed the government's lead, very rich. 
When Oracle started trading in 1986, it was a virtually unknown penny stock.    
 Over the course of a few years Oracle's business boomed, thanks to the 
government, and it handed some early investors "once in a lifetime" gains of 
over 8,000%! Ellison ended up the No. 14 spot on Forbes' list of the wealthiest 
people in the world.    
 In closing, I believe this company could rocket up the charts and give 
investors a reason to cheer again. GCHK will be the first of my four picks over 
the next few months and I hope my readers will take advantage of the trading 
profit potential of these next picks!     
 I do not own shares in this company and will wait for this report to go out to 
you before I buy any! I plan to buy some in the open market, and hopefully will 
sell at much higher prices!    
 Enjoy and trade to win!     
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this or any stock unless you can pay the band and handle a complete loss. We 
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this ad. We will not buy this stock in the market until this report is finished 
going out. Do your homework and check out any deal before putting your hard 
earned cash in it and talk to your own experts. Basically if you decide to buy 
in it?s your decision and you are on your own. Please be careful and bet with 
your head not over it.     
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