In the last episode (Mar 01), Francesco Casadei said:
> On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 02:07:05AM -0800, Jesse Geddis wrote:
> > Thank you, It didn't mention what if any (and i don't believe there
> > is one) size limitation there is on an nvs mounted volume. Do you
> > know of one? Specifically, we have a 9tb NetApp we want to make
> > sure we aren't going to have to make a bunch of little filesystems
> > on.
> I'm not an NFS expert, but according to RFC1813 NFSv3 supports 64
> bits file sizes and offsets. This says nothing about filesystem size
> though. I'm sorry I don't know the right answer to your question, but
> I suggest you to look at and search for NFS.
> Searching on may also be useful (I've found
> a lot of threads about this topic).

An NFS client does not care how big the server's volume is; it only
cares about individual files.  You should have no trouble accessing the
NetApp's storage from a FreeBSD client.

        Dan Nelson

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