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Could you tell me please where the changes to the xorg.conf file which are
necessitated by 7.4 are documented?

The most recent change to xorg-server-1.6 are only in xorg.conf(5). That would be DontZap defaulting to On. Oh, and a black root window instead of black/white grid.

I think they are mentioned in /usr/ports/UPDATING

Not the most recent ones, and the older ones (AllowEmptyInput/AutoAddDevices are only needed sometimes.

- I haven't updated my X yet due to the trouble it seems to cause... :-)

Remember what Mark Twain said about cats and stoves.

At present, ati/radeon should be pretty good. Intel maybe not as good, no idea about nVidia or others.

Last night, I posted a sample xorg.conf here:


It may be helpful to use it as a minimal example of the way things can be configured now. Although I did forget to point out the use of hal eliminates the need for input driver declarations, so I'll do it here:

That xorg.conf is set for dbus_enable="YES" and hald_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf. I also use moused_enable="YES". xorg-server can be built without hal support. If you do that to avoid needing hal, well, then you need those input device sections in xorg.conf again.

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