I have recently built a new kernel to get my intel 2200 wireless adapter
working and am still  having some problems. I put the following in my
kernel config file;

device   iwi
device   pci
device   wlan
device   firmware

I compiled and installed the new kernel successfully. I also pplaced the
following in my /boot/loader.conf file;


but when I try the following;

dhclient iwi0

i get;

iwi0: no link........................... giving up

also when I try

ifconfig iwi0 up scan

the system just hangs. I have had a look at /var/log/messages and found
the following lines:

module_register_init : MOD_LOAD (iwi_bss_fw, 0xc45f25a0, 0) error 1
kernel: firmware_get : failed to load firmware image iwi_base
kernel : iwi0 : could not load firmware

I have no idea what any of this means,

Thanks for any help,


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