Hello FreeBSD Gnome users,

I have been a KDE user because gnome installation/upgrade presents such a
pain to me most of the time. Today I decided to upgrade gnome from 2.24 -->
2.26 but decided to visit the gnome pages first to see what is said. This is
after looking at /usr/ports/UPDATING and not seeing much to do with this
particular upgrade.

Now, there are two pages, and both of them seem "upto date", but they have
conflicting information:

1.http://www.freebsd.org/gnome/docs/faq212.html#q2 - says that *NOTE: Do notrun
portupgrade(1) to upgrade to GNOME 2.26!**
   *and goes on to say one should use the gnome-upgrade.sh script, which
seems to NOT exist in the links.
2. http://www.freebsd.org/gnome/docs/faq226.html#q2 - says you should use
the following steps:
    (a) pkgdb -Ff
        (Remove gnome-volume-manager.)
    (b) portupgrade -aOW
    (c) portupgrade -f gnome-media gnome-settings-daemon

So I am just wondering which one is the correct version, since both are
talking about the upgrade to 2.26.

Best regards,
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