I'm having a real bear of a time getting my ipfw and natd working on
FreeBSD 4.7.

        I've set up everything for gateway operations, ipfw, and natd, and have
set up the firewall, and configured the addresses in /etc/rc.firewall.

        However .... If I every try to use 'simple', I cannot do DNS queries
from inside my network.  My network looks like this:

        outside world -- FREEBSD Router/NATD --  internal net hub 

        on the internal hub is a server that runs a DNS server, and all my
other machines, all of which point their DNS at it, and it, in turn,
points its DNS to the outside network.

        Can somebody help me figure out some rules to allow DNS traffic from
that one server through a "simple" firewall, and likewise, all
replies/responses to come back to said server?

        I've been trying all sorts of different things from Google, but nothing
seems to quite do the trick.


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