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just another man that wants to get everything not just for free, but not even without much knowledge.
Hmm... who says I want to get everyting for free (without trying and learning)? Have you read my post? I did make a note about trying out syscp.

learn and MAKE IT YOURSELF, that it will fit exactly to your needs.
Yeah... will you send me the same answer if I want to buy a car? Am I supposed to know everything about all things and be able to do them?

Or - provide services for 1$/year like there are lots of today. crappy and all the same - but cheap. Maybe you will earn 100$ a month - if you will be lucky.

Have you read my post? I wrote that I am NOT going to be a provider but just looking for something to make life easier my side of things. I have a server I am responsible for and from time to time I add domains and would like to automate it a bit if possible.

Take care,

Zbigniew Szalbot
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