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> Automounting
> is a fiddly thing, and is not necessary for the majority of
> applications; remember FreeBSD is primarily a server OS.

Well, I'm using it exclusively as a desktop since 4.0, what
am I doing wrong? :-)

No, honestly: There are additional security considerations.
Do you want anyone to plug in an USB stick and steal your
data while you're not at your computer? Or put crap onto your

In some settings, especially the "desktop-class installations
at home", automounting of USB sticks and other media is a very
good thing. It makes life easier.

Desktops in a corporate environment may require this functionality
explicitely to be disabled - theft of data can be made more
complicated by such a means. In most cases, there are guidelines
by the corporation that determine which features are allowed
and which aren't.

In development settings, it may be interrupting. Sometimes, I
just want to put in a blank CD to use it later on - not now,
so I don't want any interaction now. Or a USB stick that I
want to newfs, I don't want to get it mounted with its crappy
MSDOS file system on it before (which would require more
interaction to unmount it).

In server settings, automounting is mostly completely useless
because there is nothing to mount.

What would be the next request in this line? "I want to put in
a USB stick and then FreeBSD should automatically execute what's
on this stick, and it should do this by default without any
questions." :-)

And yes, I'm paranoid and old-fashioned. =^_^=

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