I asked this question in freebsd-ports (in a different way as I thought
maybe I could clarify the situation some by rewording it) the other day
and didn't receive any reply so I thought I try here this time.

I have a 7.2-prelease system that I am trying to get sendmail and
MailScanner running on and for some reason sendmail isn't listening on
*.smtp, though it is listening on localhost.smtp.

If I remove MailScanner from the mix and run sendmail in the
conventional way (with sendmail_enable="YES" specified in /etc/rc.conf)
then things work as expected (except no MailScanner, of course).

I currently have a running 6.4-stable system that this new 7.2 system
is scheduled to replace that is using the same MailScanner and sendmail
configuration files and it is working ok (and has been for a long time).

I suspect that I'm simply missing some configuration option here that
I've overlooked or that may have changed between 6.4 and 7.2, but don't
really know where to look.

Any help or tips on things to do/check would be greatly appreciated.


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