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> Hello 
> I am trying to find a way to change my current screen resolution from the
> default 720x426 (I think). [...] if I could increase the screen
> size to maybe 1028x756 that would be great.
> Any one knowing please email me the answer.

The common way to do this - was? - a setting in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

        Section "Screen"
                Identifier      "Screen0"
                Device          "Card0"
                Monitor         "Monitor0"
                Option          "Accel"
                DefaultDepth    24
                SubSection      "Display"
                        Depth   24
                        Visual  "TrueColor"
                        Modes   "1152x864"

It is the "Modes" setting which in this example is 1152x864.

Since FreeBSD 7.0 I have problems with this mechanism (it selects
stupid screen sizes or even locks the machine - 1152x864 is the
highest value I can get), so for me, this dirty workaround in my
~/.xinitrc works:

        xrandr --size 1400x1050 &
        xrandr --fb 1400x1050 &

The use of xrandr should always work.

PS. Did you intendedly exclude the list from receiving answer?
    If not, you may forward my reply to the list.

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