> Since a week now my firefox3 got stuck and freezing for 30 seconds
> (approx.) every 30 seconds. I'm running a SMP box with FreeBSD
> 8.0-CURRENT/amd64, OS is most recent.
> I also recompiled firefox3, dbus, libX11 and xcb (maybe senseless since
> I do not know what causes the freezing/hungs), but without success. By
> the way, perl-5.10 is installed and every port has been recompiled
> depending on perl. So ... I'm floating like a dead man in the water.
> What can I do?

   Something like this happened to me. I have i386 CURRENT cvsup'ed
yesterday. Do you have flash support with nspluginwrapper ? Do you have
linux-f8 and compat.linux.osrelease=2.6.16 ? If both are true, please
try compat.linux.osrelease=2.4.2 and switch back to f4. With these
settings problems vanished in my case, may be they will work for you

   Looks like linux 2.6.16 emulation has problems with flash9. Can anyone
confirm this ?



> Regards,
> Oliver
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