John Beukema wrote:
> I am having trouble with the freebsd boot manager on an 
> ACER Aspire 4730Z laptop.  
> I installed the latest version 
> of FBSD on partition 3.  Partition 1 is a 10 G compressed 
> partition with the Windows Vista Home system to install and 
> backup.  partition 2 is Windows after installation.   
> I installed the boot0 manager.  it worked for bsd but not 
> vista and i had to reinstall windows.  
> after I could not access fbsd other than by setting partition 3 
> active which again denied access to windows.  fbsd is there and 
> boots.
> How can I install a boot manager to be able to use both Vista and fbsd?
> John Beukema
For Vista, the easiest way is to use EasyBCD (free). Do not install the
FreeBSD boot manager on the MBR.
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