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> Hi,
> I would like to use FreeBSD on my Apple G4 iBook, can you tell me if
> the ADB keyboard is supported in the latest version available?
> I use FreeBSD on both my i386's and servers, so it would make sense to
> use it on my laptop instead of OpenBSD.

ADB support was added fairly recently and is only available on
-current and hasn't been MFC'd to -stable.  On the G4 you'll probably
want to run the following at the OpenFirmware prompt to make the CPU
run at full speed:

dev /cpus/PowerPC,g...@0

You can find powerpc -current ISO images at
pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/200812 on most FreeBSD ftp mirrors - I can't
find any newer images, they don't seem to have been built for powerpc in

Bruce Cran
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