> On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 03:46:35PM +0000, Daniel Bye wrote:
> > Yes, and the suggestions have been to follow the procedure in the handbook
> > or the UPDATING file, as the buildworld process is carefully crafted to be
> > done in that order.
> I'm trying to minimize the amount that has to be done in single-user
> mode (I don't have console access; I have to trust my hosting company's
> tech support for that part).  Is there any serious reason that mergemaster
> needs to be run in single-user mode?

No, there isn't.

> Ideally, I'm trying to get something that needs no operator intervention
> during single-user mode.  Currently, if mergemaster can be run just
> before booting into single-user mode, the operator needs to type one
> command ("upgrade", a shell script in /root/bin which runs the fsck,
> mount, swapon, cd, make installworld, and fastboot commands).

If you really want, you can reboot multiuser on the new kernel, and
run make installworld there. It's not tested, but I've done it
successfully. I regularly boot multi-user, then drop back to single
user to do installs from NFS-mounted /usr/src and /usr/obj. In fact,
that's recommended at one place in the handbook.


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