On Friday 17 April 2009 18:53:50 Aniruddha wrote:
> First of all I must say I'm impressed by the latest stable freebsd
> release (7.1). A lot of hardware which didn't  work before now works out
> of the box :)  I only have problems watching video, it feels sluggish
> and there frequently runs a stripe through my screen. Which settings
> (and driver) do I need to use in order solve this? I now use the
> radeonhd driver. I have a  Radeon HD 3850 (RV670PRO) card . Thanks in
> advance!

If using mplayer, can you try if specifying a cache resolves the problems? Use 
-cache 20480 for a ~20MB cache which should be sufficient to rule this out. If 
this resolves the problem, it's not in your video card (or driver), but rather 
in storage media.
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