On Friday 17 April 2009 19:34:34 Eitan Adler wrote:
> I have no sound whatsoever.  Speakers are plugged in and turned on.
> I'm not sure what debugging information I need.
> $kldstat |grep snd
>  5    1 0xc5985000 19000    snd_hda.ko
> $cat /bin/sh >/dev/dsp
>   Produces no sound
> $sysctl -a|grep hda
>   http://isis.poly.edu/~eitan/files/hda-sound-problem-sysctl-output.txt
> $cat /dev/sndstat
>   (hw.snd.verbose: 4)
>   http://isis.poly.edu/~eitan/files/hda-sound-problem-sndstat-output.txt
> Any ideas?

Looking at your 2 analog and 1 digital output, the following from snd_hda4 man 
page probably applies to you:

     According to HDA and UAA specifications, depending on the number of HDA
     buses and codecs present in system, their audio capabilities and BIOS
     provided configuration, the snd_hda driver often provides several PCM
     audio devices.  For example, one device for main rear 7.1 output and
     inputs, one device for independent headset connectors at front and one
     device for SPDIF or HDMI audio input/output.  The assignment of audio
     inputs and outputs may be tuned with device.hints(5).  The driver's ver-
     bose boot messages provide a lot of information about the operation of
     the driver and present audio setup.

     The default audio device may be tuned by setting the hw.snd.default_unit
     sysctl, as described in sound(4), or explicitly specified in application

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