> > You have searched  well enough. I remember playing with this
> > for about a week in the past. (when I first got it working).
> > Its amazing how easy the change is to make though.
There are a few good reasons I can think of. Simply running an
other instance of X-Windows takes up more resources. Most just
run virtual-desktops to get around problems like this.

> Perhaps folk does not like to run it for some reasons. But If i want it to
> get it running on diffrent screens I have to edit
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XF86Config I guess and add the other graphic
> card there, and so forth.
Adding the other entry to XServers does not have anything to do
with running it on multiple monitors.

There are three connectivity sections to every X window.
Adding a line to Xservers (to my knowlege) does not have
anything to do with running on two different monitors in
a dual-head'd configuration. A second monitor/display
would show up as :0.1, :1.1, etc. A third monitor would
be :0.2 or :1.2, etc. Also note that the lack of a host
name tells the X-Windows system to find the best way of
communicating with the localhost. There are several other
ways of communicating with the X-Server including UNIX
sockets, IPX, etc.

A simple way to remember it is Hostname:Window:Screen.


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