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> hi, can anyone tell me what this message is related to?
> WRITE_DMA UDMA ICRC error (retrying request) LBA=62939519
> drive/hardware failing?
> i am seeing a lot of it lately on a particular disk where i have tried a few
> different installs and don't always
> get this problem. i have seen it disappear after some painstaking before a
> reinstall this disk, like wiping the whole disk clean before install,
> checking geometry is right, but maybe coincidence?
> it is a sata300, 7.2 beta1 amd64 and i am thinking there is problem with the
> disk, but the error varied a bit with different installs (i.e. whether i see
> the error or not)

Hmm.  ICRC errors are about the controller talking to the disk
electronics.  They don't generally have anything to do with the 
magnetic medium itself.

Try replacing the cable.

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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