how i do this (but this is probably not "politically correct" ;)

1) get all files of new version in one place (subdir) say at /7.1
2) separate out manually all configs - it's /etc, /var/namedb and maybe few more
3) using livecd just put all other files with tar|tar to the place
4) manually update configs - put all except what you modified
5) turn off all services in rc.conf, reboot
6) install compat6x from ports so your existing ports will work, then turn on services

On Sun, 19 Apr 2009, John Almberg wrote:

I need to upgrade a live, production server from 6.3 to 7.1. I can't afford to have any troubles with this server. I have Absolute FreeBSD and a few other BSD books, and the upgrade process looks fairly straightforward. That's the theory...

Real world question: how scared should I be?

I've thought about setting up a dummy server, just to practice on. Is this a good idea? Or am I just a nervous Nellie?

-- John

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