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Hi, all.

I want to create a customized freebsd livecd, and i have read quite a
lot guides about how to do that. but the problem is: most of these
need make buildworld, make buildkernel ... I think it's hard for my
notebook do that. so is there a simpler/quicker way in which i can
create a livecd, what i want to be included in the livecd are the base
freebsd system plus some customized packages/config files.

In order to create a livecd you need to run mkisofs somewhere that has a complete copy of FreeBSD. There are two options for this, one being running it against the live install of your system (ala /) and the other option is populating a stage directory. Most guides assume that the easiest way to do this is via the DESTDIR=/mystagedir option of make installworld installkernel distribution, and it probably is the easiest way, assuming you have done make buildworld buildkernel

In your case where this is an undesirable option you can do one of a few things.

1) Use the live system to build the stage directory...

# mkdir /usr/mystage ; ( cd / ; tar --exclude /usr/mystage -cf - .) | ( cd /usrr/mystage -xf - )

2) copy over /usr/src and /usr/obj from a faster machine that's run make buildworld buildkernel and then use make installworld intallkernel distribution to build the stage dir

3) Use your live system directly to run mkisofs


Josh Paetzel

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