On Sunday 19 April 2009 19:06:55 John Almberg wrote:

> I've thought about setting up a dummy server, just to practice on. Is
> this a good idea?

If this is to get a feel for the upgrade process, sure. But if the hardware is 
different, you won't be much wiser for the production box in question. I'm not 
upgrading a 6.4 for a client, because a previous upgrade to 7.0-STABLE hosed 
the data on the disk, due to an ata-regression. This is fixed most likely in 
7.1-STABLE, but I'm not gambling just yet. Regressions are rare in FreeBSD 
(technically it's not a regression, the original 6.3 ran in UDMA mode and the 
7.0 thought it could handle SATA, but it didn't), but they do happen.

Either way with 7.2 around the corner, I would wait till that's out or do the 
testing with 7.2-PRERELEASE, since it's getting an awful lot of testing now.
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