Keith Seyffarth wrote:
I'm trying to print from my FreeBSD machine. I've been through a
number of online tutorials and instructions on printing from Unix or
FreeBSD in particular, but they all seem to start with the assumption
that printing from the machine is possible. I'm trying to get to that
starting point.

A laudable ambition!

OK, honestly, am I working under a valid assumption that it *is*
possible to print from FreeBSD? Or is this just going to engender
greater frustration?

Unfortunately the frustration level tends to be inversely proportional to the brain power of the printer. Things are relatively easy if you have a printer which directly accepts PostScript. Unfortunately, this is not the case with an HP OfficeJet 4110, hence all the extra bits and fiddling.

But you can actually print from FreeBSD. I've seen it with my very own eyes. :-)


--Jon Radel

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