I have a directory called 'scans' that is owned by 'master', but I want to allow 'customer' to FTP images to that directory. This is the way I have permissions set:

# ls -l
drwxrwxr-x  5 master  customer     251904 Apr 20 10:29 scans

The problem is that when customer ftp's a file to the directory, the permissions end up like this:

-rw-r-----  1 customer customer  772584 Apr 20 15:28 image.jpg

When a process run by 'master' tries to copy this file to another directory (also owned by master), I get the following:

# cp scans/image.jpg thumbs/image.jpg
cp: scans/image.jpg: Permission denied

The only solution that occurs to me smells like a newbie kludge: to have a root cron job periodically chown all the images to master:customer. This seems like the proverbial sledgehammer. There must be a better way?

Any thoughts, much appreciated!

-- John

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