On Mon, 20 Apr 2009 13:11:13 -0700, Annelise Anderson <impal...@sbcglobal.net> 
> Mel Flynn wrote:
>> On Monday 20 April 2009 09:12:32 Annelise Anderson wrote:
>>>Fbsd1 wrote:
>>>>Annelise Anderson wrote:
>>>>>I am trying to use fetchmail on FreeBSD but get the message:
>>>>>fetchmail: SMTP< 451 4.1.8 Domain of sender address
>>>>>owner-freebsd-questi...@freebsd.org does not resolve
>> The question isn't whether you can resolve it, but whether your
>> mailserver can. Check your mail log for the smtp server. If the
>> mailserver is chrooted, check for $chrootdir/etc/resolv.conf.
> I don't know how to read sendmail.st, but the mailserver (sendmail) is
> not chrooted.
> In /var/log/messages I get this, but it doesn't seem to relate to
> anything in /etc/mail/sendmail.cf:
> Apr 18 02:56:07 andrsn sm-mta[24419]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root):
> /etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 1: unknown configuration line "7A
> "
> Apr 18 02:56:07 andrsn sm-mta[24419]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root):
> /etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 2: invalid argument to V line: "E
> RSIONID(\001FreeBSD: s"

Hmmm, it looks like your `sendmail.cf' has been overwritten by an
unexpanded copy of `sendmail.mc'.  What do you see with:

    % diff -u /etc/mail/freebsd.mc /etc/mail/sendmail.cf

If this shows only a few lines of local changes, then you should keep a
backup copy of the current `/etc/mail/sendmail.cf' file and then try to
macro-expand it with the `/etc/mail/Makefile' machinery to generate a
real `sendmail.cf' file...

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